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Lowongan Kerja LBB IC (Exp: 31 Januari 2010)

Posted by sarikerja pada 22 Desember 2009

Employment at the “Lembaga Bimbingan Belajar IC”
Description: LBB IC is a company engaged in the field of education. Intense competition in the world of education is not a significant challenge for us. Our progress was very rapid natural. For us, the quality of our education is number one. We need student advisor (faculty staff) of quality. Real opportunity is wide open for you. Come, prove yourself!


Work Location at: Surabaya


1. Minimum S1 graduate, undergraduate engineering & prioritized education degree
2. Mastering the exact lesson
3. Has a private teaching experience, class, or teach school
4. Hard-working spirit, love a challenge, hard working, polite, responsible &
5. Energetic, Powerful, & not afraid to change

If you feel challenged, you can send your complete application (CV, copies of the last education certificate, photocopy of ID card) by mail or come directly (simply submit a complete application, interview and test will confirm to you further by phone after we receive Your complete application) to:

Departement of Development IC
Jln. Darmo Permai Selatan 3/8

Include in the letter of application, you will find this job information on how and resources (from what website or newspaper or anything else).

This job was closed on January 31, 2010


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