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Beasiswa Fujitsu (Exp: 19 Maret 2010)

Posted by sarikerja pada 2 Januari 2010

The Fujitsu Scholarship supports your development as a global leader by funding your participation in the East-West Knowledge Leaders Program.

Hone your leadership vision with this specialized program, delivered by JAIMS, in the wonderful setting of Honolulu, Hawaii. The diverse student body and rigorous curriculum will stretch you to be your best, and prepare you to lead your organization to success in the 21st Century.

The application deadline for the 26th Fujitsu Scholarship is March 19, 2010.

Proceeds & Conditions


The Fujitsu Scholarship benefits include tuition and fees for the EWKLP program. Other benefits, which vary in amount each year, are also included.

  • Tuition and Fees for the EWKLP
  • Stipend Toward Living Expenses *
    *Applicants from the following countries/areas are not eligible to receive the monthly stipend: Australia, Hawaii, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan.
  • Airfare:
    Fujitsu Ltd. will provide a round-trip air ticket to cover transportation from the participant’s home country to Honolulu, and back. The selection of the air carrier and travel agent, including itinerary, is at the discretion of Fujitsu Ltd. In the event the participant wishes to change and/or expand the route and/or the period of stay, Fujitsu Ltd. reserves the right to withhold the original ticket.
  • Health Insurance:
    Fujitsu Ltd. will provide medical insurance that covers a portion of the participant’s medical expenses during the program period. The participant pays all medical expenses not covered by the medical insurance. The selection of the medical insurance plan is at the discretion of Fujitsu Ltd.
  • Housing Arrangements:
    JAIMS will assist in locating appropriate housing in Honolulu for all participants. Fujitsu Ltd. will provide and pay for participant accommodations in Japan.
  • Visa Arrangements:
    When applicable, participants will be assisted in obtaining the F-1 Student visa to enter the U.S. EWKLP participants will be assisted with the appropriate visa to enter Japan, if necessary. The expense of obtaining the visa is the financial responsibility of the participant.


The Fujitsu Scholarship is offered with the expectation that the following conditions will be met by the recipients.

Scholarship Report

Upon EWKLP completion, all participants must submit a formal report that describes their learning experiences during the program.

Absence During the Fujitsu Scholarship Period

  1. Should an emergency occur that requires travel to the participant’s home country, such travel shall be the participant’s personal expense. For the period of absence, the stipend will be prorated and subtracted from the applicable amount(s) set forth in the stipend toward living expenses.
  2. All requests for absence should be submitted in writing to Fujitsu Ltd. (through JAIMS while in Hawaii) in advance, and should be addressed to the Fujitsu Scholarship Program in Japan.

Fujitsu Scholarship Termination

All selected scholars are required to participate in good faith, work diligently, and complete the EWKLP during the program period. Selected Fujitsu Scholars must understand and agree that any serious misconduct in this regard shall warrant immediate termination of the Fujitsu Scholarship without notice and at Fujitsu’s sole discretion. The following are some examples of misconduct that could result in such termination:

  1. Absence from or failure to complete the EWKLP without Fujitsu’s or JAIMS’ permission.
  2. Noncompliance with the regulations, policies, and other instructions of Fujitsu and/or JAIMS.
  3. Immoral, disorderly, indecent, or violent conduct.
  4. Falsification of, or misstatement in any student or program application or other records and/or at any interview.
  5. Failure to maintain good academic standing; unsatisfactory work performance.

If Fujitsu terminates the Fujitsu Scholarship for the participant pursuant to the above, the participant shall return to his/her home country immediately. The participant shall inform Fujitsu and/or JAIMS in advance of the date of his/her return and the address and phone number in his/her home country after return. The participant agrees that, effective as of the termination date, Fujitsu shall have no obligation to pay or provide anything under the Fujitsu Scholarship to the participant. Nonetheless, Fujitsu may at its sole discretion provide the participant with the appropriate air ticket for his/her return.

The participant agrees that if his/her conduct which has resulted in termination of the Fujitsu Scholarship pursuant to the above, in Fujitsu’s sole judgment, was made fraudulently, with malice or conscious disregard or otherwise in bad faith, the participant shall, upon Fujitsu’s request, immediately refund all the benefits and awards paid by Fujitsu and/or JAIMS hereunder to, or on behalf of him/her, to the date of the termination.

Application & Selection Process

To apply for the Fujitsu Scholarship, follow the steps listed below:

Application Process

  1. Download the Fujitsu Scholarship Application Packet from the bottom of the Application Checklist.
  2. If you are unable to do so, please request the application packets through your local Fujitsu Limited affiliated office. You can find your local affiliate from this list here.
  3. Complete and submit all documents listed on the Application Checklist.
  4. Deadline for submission: March 19, 2010
    Applicants who fail to submit all documents by the due date cannot be considered.
    Submitted application documents will not be returned to applicants.
  5. Submit all application materials to:
    Fujitsu Hawaii Representative Office
    c/o JAIMS
    6660 Hawaii Kai Drive
    Honolulu, HI 96825

Selection Process

  1. Initial Screening
    Initial screening is based on the strength of the application, which includes meeting the admission qualifications.
  2. Interview
    Applicants who pass the initial screening will be contacted for an interview at a designated date in April 2010. Applicants should be residing in their respective countries of citizenship (or in Hawaii for Hawaii residents) at the time of their interview.
  3. Selection of recipients

    1. Final selection will be determined by Fujitsu Limited.
    2. Selection is based on English proficiency (for non-native speakers of English), work experience, motivation, goals as expressed in the essay and interview, academic performance, and test scores. A key factor is the individual’s commitment to contributing to the mutual understanding and cooperation between countries and to the development of his/her home country. However, no single attribute outweighs others in the selection process, and strengths in one area may be used to offset weaknesses in another.

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