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Job vacancy at PT Profilindah Kharisma (Exp: 10 Februari 2010)

Posted by sarikerja pada 2 Februari 2010

Job vacancy at PT Profilindah Kharisma
Description: Company Manufactur Woodworking, the status of PMA, producing doors and 100% export oriented
Address: Ngoro Industri Persada Blok U No.9-10 Ngoro-Mojokerto Jawa Timur
No. Tel. : 0321-6818260

Jobs for: PPIC staff

Work Location at: Ngoro-Mojokerto

Male or female, Min D3 Engineering in all directions (preferably from the civil, architect or electrical). Basic capabilities applicants must possess: advanced auto cad 2 / 3 D, good English Idioms, communicative. Fresh graduate ok

Please send your resume to the job:
Ngoro-Industri Persada blok U No.9-10 Ngoro Mojokerto atau via email :
Include in the letter of application, you will find this job information on how and resources (from what website or newspaper, or anything else).
This job was closed on February 10, 2010


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