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Lowongan Kerja PT. Tirta Mahakam Resources Tbk (Exp:

Posted by sarikerja pada 4 Februari 2010

PT. Tirta Mahakam Resources Tbk, A timber industry is located in East Kalimantan and East Java, a growing need of immediate professional personnel to be placed in the position:

1. General Manager (GM)
2. Unit Manager (UM)
3. Planning Manager (PM)
4. R & D Manager (RM)
5. Community Development Manager (CDM)
6. 2 person staff planning (SP)

Special Requirements:
1. Forestry degree (1,2,3,6), S1 Forestry / Agricultural / Plantation (4), S1 Social / General (5)
2. Maximum age of 50 years (1), 40 years (2 to 5), 35 years (6)
3. HTI sector experienced a minimum of 10 years (1), 8 years (2), 5 years (3 to 5), and 2 years (6)
6. Are preferred to understand the use of GIS (3.6)
7. Understanding the development tree method system (4)
8. Preferably a certified EIA and local languages of East Kalimantan (5)
9. understanding and experience in implementing CSR (5)
10. survey methods to understand the potential of land (6)
11. understand the requirements of FSC (1 to 4)
12.  English fluently (1,2,3,4,5)

Send letter of application, CV, and the last passport photo, with credit position code on the top right corner of the cover letter and addressed to:
Project Officer HTI PT. Tirta Mahakam Resources, Tbk
Arch Prima Office Tower (The Bellezza) Lt.20
Jl.Letjend. Supeno No.23 Permata Hijau artery 12210th
Up: Bp. Andre Djatmiko / Boni Subekti


email:  or

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